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“I’ll be open and honest with you so be open with me.”

I work hard to keep my clients informed at every stage of their case. When you hire me as your Dayton Ohio criminal defense lawyer, I will be the one you communicate with. I strive to give all my clients personal attention for the benefit of their case as well as their peace of mind.

A Balance of Both Personal and Professional.

It’s never easy to be accused of a crime, no matter the circumstances. During this overwhelming time, experience and insight from someone you can trust are vital qualities to find in an attorney. You need to have a place where you can get your questions answered honestly and promptly.

I know that facing criminal charges or a hindrance in education can lead you to feel many different emotions. I ensure that you are kept informed for the duration of your case so that you can make informed decisions about your future. When we work together, I make your case and needs a priority.

You're not a number. People want an attorney they know. That's what I do. I build a trusting relationship with my clients.

Richard Lipowicz


With more than 20 years of experience in criminal defense and disciplinary hearings, I know what you’re going through and I step in immediately to help you build a compelling defense. You need someone who knows the landscape. 

My Clients know I Listen and Give Them the Right Advice

Each case is unique, and that’s why we start with an initial consultation to learn about the charges and where you need help. From there, we identify the best way to proceed, whether that’s a plea bargain, negotiating down the charges, or pursuing an aggressive defense. We will find every option possible and make informed decisions off of your best chance for the desired outcome.

When you hire me, I make sure you know all your options and keep you informed at every stage. You need someone who cares about protecting your future and will work hard to fight for your rights. Don’t hesitate on knowing all your possible outcomes, waiting could cost you down the road - hire the right Dayton criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible after you’re charged.

Past Cases

I Fight for the Future You Want.
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Criminal defense
Accused of a crime in Ohio? You could be facing significant penalties if convicted of a DUI, misdemeanor, drug possession, or other charge.
DUI/OVI Charges
A DUI/OVI conviction can carry serious penalties. Not knowing how a DUI case can impact your future can be a overwhelming experience.
Misdemeanor charges in Ohio can lead to fines, time in jail, and other penalties. You need to be informed on your legal defense.
College/Graduate Disciplinary Matters
When dealing with a college disciplinary issue you have to know how to protect your reputation and academic future.
School Suspension
When facing a wrongful suspension or expulsion, navigating these complex issues can be difficult. Know how to handle these issues in the best possible way.


Defending the professional career you are striving for.

Don't jeopardize your future career with the impact of a disciplinary college or school matter.

When you’re working towards graduation from college and a career, your reputation can be severely damaged by a criminal conviction. Protect your rights in all the confusion can be difficult to handle, especially in between studying, tests, and passing classes.

After being accused of a crime, you need to ensure someone is advocating for you. Hire an attorney who knows how to handle education boards and disciplinary matters. These things are frustrating to deal with and they take time. It isn't going to go away overnight and when you're faced with these circumstances, you cannot afford to jeopardize your future. 

With more than 20 years of experience helping clients just like you, I know what it takes to help you through this overwhelming process. You can't afford to lose a scholarship, rights to complete your education or losing the freedom to choose what degree you want to master. 

You have rights, but the only way to make sure they are upheld is by retaining a lawyer who will put your interests and needs first. I can evaluate the facts of your case and determine your next steps. There is too much on the line to leave your future up to chance.