College / Graduate Disciplinary Matters

The process of going to college and working towards your degree can be an exciting one, but all of your progress may come to a screeching halt if you’re accused of a crime on campus. Being a student does not protect you from the impacts of being accused of any crime in Ohio. In fact, you may be facing disciplinary issues on your campus in addition to charges based on Ohio statutes. Given both the complexity of these matters and the potential ramifications for your future, it becomes all the more important to identify the right lawyer.

The Complexity of Disciplinary Matters

There are matters that arise in collegiate life that are not criminal in nature but may initiate a chain of events like an investigation or hearing. Obviously, these actions can significantly influence the accused’s rights and future at the university, which is why retaining a lawyer can help you be more aware of your rights in this delicate situation.

In terms of criminal charges, the Sixth Amendment provides protection for the accused in terms of having counsel to represent you. Given that many disciplinary hearings on a college campus may not involve allegations of an actual crime, in certain situations the hearing can be thought of as quite different from criminal litigation. First of all, as a student, you voluntarily agree to the rules of the university when you enroll, unlike criminal law, which applies to everyone. Usually, the student will make his or her own case in a disciplinary hearing without fully appreciating the concerns of the institution, preparing an adequately, or understanding what options are available to them.

Know the Full Extent of Your Rights.

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Understand your situation

Often the parameters of your hearing and your rights are outlined in student handbooks and other documents. Without having a lawyer review these materials, you may not understand the full extent of your rights. This is just one reason why having a lawyer can help you. Most universities have the discretion to determine their own rules as well as how those issues will be handled when an allegation arises. This means that without the in-depth understanding of how your college or university will handle the issue, you could make small mistakes representing yourself that compromise your academic future.

Turn to professional help

In this situation, hiring a Dayton college/graduate disciplinary matters lawyer allows an experienced individual to step in and read the rules and further explain how the process will unfold. In a time when it seems like you may have lost control of your future, having someone else walk you through the best way to protect your rights can be extremely valuable. Your university may cause you to be expelled and thus deny you a degree, regardless of your progress towards completion. With such significant consequences on the line, you should not leave this matter up to chance. If your university has accused you of violating the rules and has informed you that you will need to appear before a disciplinary committee, one of the most important things you can do for your future is to reach out to a lawyer sooner rather than later.

College/graduate disciplinary hearings Attorney in Dayton, Ohio

When your academic future is on the line due to an alleged rule violation at your university, you may benefit from the insight of a knowledgeable Dayton college/graduate disciplinary hearings lawyer to help you determine your next steps.