Criminal Defense Attorney

If you have recently been accused of a crime in Ohio, you need a lawyer as soon as possible to help protect your rights. Your future may be on the line if you avoid on getting the right kind of help from an attorney that could possibly reduce or dismiss your case.

When you’re accused of a crime, you do have rights, but the vast majority of people are not fully aware of their rights and may not know how to proceed. Therefore, you might make small mistakes that could end up costing you down the line. Retaining a lawyer right away, however, may enable you to have the best chance of defending yourself and either minimizing or eliminating these charges entirely. 

Your Situation is Hard to Handle on Your Own

Don’t make the mistake of thinking you can handle this situation on your own or that a public defender is the same as an attorney you speak to and hire. Your future may depend on how committed your lawyer is to your case, so you should not minimize the importance of this step in your defense.

Being accused of a crime is an unnerving experience. It might even feel like you have lost control of things, but this is what makes hiring an attorney so important. A lawyer can evaluate the charges against you as well as the circumstances of your arrest so that you have an outsider with experience determining next steps. 

A committed Dayton lawyer who is familiar with the local courtrooms can help you prepare for the stages ahead with utmost confidence. In the wake of dealing with criminal allegations, it’s important to have someone in your corner working hard to protect your rights. You should not count on anyone else to protect you in this difficult time.

Are you faced with CRIMINAL CHARGES?


Informed Decisions Through the Process

When you select someone to represent you, this individual plays multiple roles in your criminal defense. Your lawyer should keep you informed at each stage of the process so that you know what to expect and so that you can make timely and informed decisions. Determine, for example, that a plea deal is possible or that there is a significant reason to suspect that you were illegally searched. Identifying these issues immediately allows you to settle on your next course of action. When dealing with so many emotions after being arrested is a hard experience and it makes a big difference if your lawyer is providing you with updates.

Being accused of a crime in Ohio is a very personal experience. It’s also one that warrants the knowledge of an outside party. You need someone you can trust in this situation, and a calming informed experience can truly make a difference. Former prosecutor Richard Lipowicz has more than 30 years helping clients who have been accused of a crime. During this time, knowing that you can count on someone to investigate all possible options for resolution can give you peace of mind and perspective about your next steps.

Make sure to reach out to a lawyer as soon as possible after you have been accused in order to maximize your chance of a positive outcome.

Criminal Defense Attorney in Dayton, Ohio

When you have been accused of a crime like DUI, domestic violence, underage consumption, or assault in Ohio, you need a lawyer who will make sure you know what to expect. Protect your rights by immediately hiring someone you can trust. Schedule a solution today in order to piece your life back together in the best way possible.