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Not knowing how a DUI case can impact your future can be stressful and overwhelming experience. You should never minimize the potential implications of a drunken-driving allegation. If you have recently been charged with DUI in Dayton or elsewhere in Ohio, the most important thing you can do is to educate yourself about the potential consequences immediately. You need to consult with your Dayton DUI defense attorney to determine whether or not you are going to contest the charge or plead guilty.

Consequences for DUI in Ohio 

Ohio may also refer to a DUI as an OVI. No matter the name, these charges can carry significant consequences. The sentence for a DUI in Ohio includes mandatory jail time, a mandatory fine, and a mandatory driver's license suspension. It may also include additional penalties or requirements such as vehicle forfeiture or immobilization, yellow license plates, or an ignition interlock system. 

Having a DUI on your criminal record could also lead to secondary consequences down the road like impact on your ability to obtain employment, health insurance, professional licensing, and higher car insurance rates. As you can see, with so much on the line, it’s wise to consult with an experienced lawyer immediately. 



How to Contest OVI/DUI Charges 

One of the biggest mistakes you can make in your DUI case in Ohio is to simply assume that you have no choice but to accept these charges. You do not have to plead guilty and automatically accept the consequences associated with DUI. In fact, you have rights and can content these allegations, but you need to be able to move forward quickly with the help of the right lawyer. 

Although the specifics of your case will determine what avenues may be pursued in your defense, you may be able to increase the chances of a positive outcome by selecting the right lawyer to help you. Hiring a lawyer may help you:

  • Obtain driving privileges so that you can go to work and use your car for other limited purposes 
  • Avoid jail time by completing a driving intervention program 
  • Have your driver’s license returned to you by having the suspension stayed or terminated 
  • Avoid having yellow license plates or an ignition interlock 
  • Avoid the consequences of having an OVI/DUI conviction on your record 

Your lawyer can step in immediately and provide you with further information about your individual case. Knowing your rights and having someone else familiar with the specifics of how cases unfold in Ohio can be extremely helpful. You can make an informed decision about the best strategy to pursue for your defense after speaking with your lawyer. If you have been accused, you need to make sure you have someone in your corner working for you. Richard Lipowicz has more than 30 years of experience and remains committed to keeping you informed about your rights and options throughout the duration of your case. 

Dayton OH DUI defense lawyer

If you have been accused, experience counts when you’re looking at DUI charges and consequences. There’s where more than 30 years helping others like you comes into play. If you are facing DUI charges, get help from an Ohio lawyer today.