School Expulsion / Suspension

Facing a potential suspension or expulsion in school can be overwhelming for any student. If your child has recently been informed that he or she is facing suspension or expulsion, know that you do have rights. Occasionally, a school is required by law to remove a student from the school premises for a certain period of time either through expulsion or suspension. There are many different causes that can lead to an expulsion or suspension, but one fact remains: you need to take action by consulting with an experienced Dayton Ohio defense attorney as soon as possible. 

Your student may have rights to protect his or her future and the potential long-term implications of a suspension or expulsion by consulting with an attorney. It is possible to appeal a wrongful expulsion or suspension in Ohio. If you are considering this action, contact the law offices of an experience Dayton Ohio suspension or expulsion attorney today.

 What is an Expulsion or Suspension?

Expulsion refers to a more permanent removal of a student for serious violation and expulsion from school can be as long as one year, but it might also be permanent depending on the circumstances. While a permanent expulsion is rare, it can certainly happen. 

A suspension might only involve temporarily removing a child from the school. This is usually for a maximum of 10 days.


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Ohio law gives school boards some discretion in terms of determining circumstances leading to these actions as well as the time period for each. However, there are also situations that may lead to mandatory expulsion. These include making a bomb threat to the school, bringing a knife or firearm to the school extracurricular activities or school functions, or committing an act that would be criminal if an adult carried it out. In the event that a student is permanently expelled, they may never again attend public school in the state of Ohio permanent expulsion as possible if the student in question is at least 16 years old and has been convicted of a serious delinquent Act. 

The Outcome of an Expulsion Can Be Significant

As you can see, the consequences of expulsion can be significant. That’s why you need to protect your rights by speaking with a lawyer as soon as possible after being accused. If you believe that you or your child has been wrongly suspended or expelled, the only way to respond may be to hire a Dayton suspension or expulsion defense attorney. It’s vital to work only with an attorney who understands the state and federal laws surrounding these complex issues. Given that an education is so important for all students in Ohio, knowing how to handle this situation by identifying the right lawyer becomes all the more critical. With more than 30 years of experience helping people in this situation, you can get the benefit of knowing that you’re working with a committed lawyer.

Suspension and Expulsion Attorney in Dayton, Ohio

Your child’s future needs to be taken seriously, so you need to take action immediately if he or she has been accused of violating a school rule and may be facing suspension or expulsion from their university, get help immediately from a lawyer that knows how to handle there circumstances.